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TrendyScience is an Ed-tech company that offers scientific research solutions in the STEM field through trendy educational platform and interactive workshops

Implementing workshops and events with interactive tools and equipment that meet top standards   
Skilled academic and professional instructors delivering top-notch training
Learn methods and techniques for boosting your abilities, mindset, and innovative research career

What We Offer

STEM Education

A diverse range of smart educational tools & interactive simulations in science such as engineering, business, technology, and more.


A customized internship training for university students on scientific research, with a potential of a paper publication in top journals.

Research Programs

Providing a full design consultancy on research programs for academic institutes.


Conducting high-end virtual and in person capacity building workshops for university students hosted by academic institutions.

Research Collaborations

Linking and networking fellow researchers to collaborate on a certain research project.

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Sam: Science Expert

I can assist you in understanding any subject in the STEM field.

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Bob: Career Advisor

I'm here to offer guidance and advice to support you in your scientific career.

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Sara: Research Mentor

I'm your dedicated Scientific Research Assistant, that can support in your research journey.

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"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." 

- Albert Einstein

Training Workshop

Ideation & Design of Experiments

Learn how to design, plan, and improve powerful and compelling experiments. 

Writing and Publishing Scientific Content

Find out how to craft and publish an outstanding research paper.
Communicate your findings in a compelling and memorable manner. 

Analyzing Scientific Outcomes

Gain confidence in your ability to understand scientific results.

Productive Research Teamwork

Learn how to persuade your colleagues about your study findings.

The Art of  Networking

Develop and maintain professional relationships for ultimate mutual benefit. 

Research Internships 

  • Development

    Learn all the basics and develop your scientific research skills

  • Plan

    Finding the best topic of your interest within the right team

  • Support

    On-going support over 4 month with weekly follow-ups and expert guidance 

  • Earn

    Earn your certificate and have the potential of publishing your first paper 

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    Who We Are


    TrendyScience  is lead by a team of academic and industrial professionals that are dedicated to empowering junior researchers with the scientific knowledge and skills necessary to drive for a better career development. With our extensive experience in the academic field and proven records, we aim to deliver the best we can to our students for achieving a valuable impact.